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Friday, July 23, 2010

From Twitter 07-22-2010

  • 03:02:24: New post on my blog: From Twitter 07-21-2010: 03:02:25: New post on my blog: From Twitter 07-20-2010: 03:02:21: Ne...
  • 05:48:25: Wt: 175.2, RHR: 47, BF: 17.1% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 06:35:32: I just ousted @ivieanne as the mayor of Arco AM/PM on @foursquare!
  • 08:32:16: I like my new gym bag. That is all. :)
  • 08:32:46: It sort of reminds me of the golf cart that Al Czervik had in Cadyshack
  • 08:39:24: Listening to Pandora, Hotel California came on, and Pandora decided to tell me that Mr. Hogan, my HS guidance counselor, likes the song. #fb
  • 10:02:48: OK everyone, follow the greatest guitarist in the history of Mike, @myqualker
  • 10:39:13: Purely intentional, but funny nonetheless... unfortunate misspelling in a FB greeting: "Happy birthday. Hoe you have a wonderful day."
  • 15:08:46: User trying to change her Thunderbird signature. New version of Thunderbird didn't have File->Save As->HTML so she needed help...
  • 15:09:24: Thunderbird did, however, have File->Save As->File. User hadn't attempted that option at all.
  • 15:09:47: Come to think of it, when user didn't see Save As->HTML, she hit the wall and came and got me.
  • 15:10:16: Yes, I say came and got me. She didn't call. Nor did she care that I'm EXTREMELY FRACKIN BUSY.
  • 15:25:47: User walks up. "Can you change my printer?" Why couldn't this be emailed?
  • 15:52:39: We'll do this. Not good enough? How about this. No? What about this. Uh-uh? We're out of options here, moron.
  • 17:17:33: ran 3.2miles on RunSaturday -
  • 17:24:33: Updated a workout named 2010/07/22 . 344 (kcal). 3.18 mi.. 00:33:39
  • 17:27:40: Completed a workout named Weight Training. 144 (kcal). 00:31:20
  • 17:30:07: Did a weights workout for 31 mins and felt great. Warmup, w/45lb bar, 3 sets of 6
    Overhead Squats
  • 17:33:53: Ran 3.18 miles in 33 mins. Today I was feeling more sore than I expected after last night's Body Pump workout, my le...
  • 18:25:47: I'm at Chevron ExtraMile (2700 Del Paso Rd., Sacramento).
  • 18:25:47: I just ousted Richard as the mayor of Chevron ExtraMile on @foursquare!

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