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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Friday, July 30, 2010

Today's Workouts

No lunchtime workout today. No, I wasn't going to let s**t hit the fan for a second time today. It was all after work, in my new gym.

Oh yeah, here's my new gym. Stare at it, if you like.

Warmup, 3 circuits, 30 seconds per exercise
Jumping Jacks
Split Jacks
Split Squats
Mountain Climbers

Deadlifts, Sets: 7,5,3x115lbs
Swiss Ball Hip Extension and Leg Curl, Sets: 8,6,4x115lbs
Close-grip Bench Press, Sets: 7x95lbs,5x115lbs,3x125lbs
Hammer Curl, 8x(2x25lbs),6x(2x30lbs),4x(2x35lbs)

32:40, 207 calories burned

Then 20 minutes on the spin bike with the Sufferfest, "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now". Too bad I couldn't do the whole workout, but the child care was closing. What can you do? 167 calories burned, the HRM was malfunctioning so that's an estimate.

Total burned: 393
Calories in: 1497

From Twitter 07-29-2010

  • 03:02:26: New post on my blog: From Twitter 07-28-2010: 02:03:54: Did a elliptical workout for 30 mins and felt good. Listen...
  • 05:39:42: Wt: 174.4, RHR: 49, BF: 16.8% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 08:44:28: Change for the good is infectious.

    My nephew Michael is a good kid, friendly kid, but he's historically had a probl...
  • 09:47:01: Get that man a blog!!! Oh, wait.. RT @sacbee_news: What motivates you to exercise outdoors? @SamMcManis wants to know.
  • 14:15:26: Is there a way to filter out people asking how to filter out #foursquare tweets?
  • 14:16:12: OK, CA folk, which mid-training half marathon (or two) should I run prior to #CIM? Anyone?
  • 14:42:31: RT @myqualker: @gchance half marathon... i'm thinking "no"... half-baked alaska... u got a deal.
  • 15:28:51: Come to think of it, @misterfonzie should run the @warriordash for the same reason... WARRIOR BEARDS UNITE!
  • 15:50:15: Ran 3.2mi in 31:21, 9:50/mi ave (9:43,9:48,10:03,9:37), 349 calories burned -
  • 15:51:54: Completed a workout named Weight Training. 100 (kcal). 00:25:00
  • 15:53:54: Updated a workout named 2010/07/29 . 349 (kcal). 3.19 mi.. 00:31:20
  • 15:56:54: Did a weights workout for 25 mins and felt good. Warmup, w/45lb bar
    Overhead Squats
    Good Mornings
  • 15:58:22: Ran 3.19 miles in 31 mins and felt alright. Last night's Body Pump got to me, my legs felt heavy today. Ran 3.2mi in...
  • 16:53:49: Well, look at that... The cross training fairy just put a recumbent bike & a treadmill into the workout room. :-D
  • 17:05:12: I'm at 76.
  • 19:11:00: I'm at Walmart (1150 Harter Rd., Yuba City).
  • 20:01:45: I hope this isn't a bad idea...
  • 21:37:03: Well, that was an adventure. I slammed my son's fingers in the car door.
  • 21:37:35: But he's ok, they were just in the inside, plastic part of the door, not the metal. He's enjoying watching the many colors of his finger.

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