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Sunday, October 03, 2010

From Twitter 10-02-2010

  • 03:01:46: New post on my blog: From Twitter 10-01-2010: 03:06:39: New post on my blog: From Twitter 09-30-2010: 03:05:35: Ne...
  • 05:59:31: Wt: 171.6, RHR: 51, BF: 15.8% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 07:09:35: Race for the Cure 5k! (@ Renzullo Field)
  • 07:44:34: More like a race than last week's to be sure!
  • 09:27:01: Another short course! 2.82 miles. I didn't run to 3.1... Nevertheless multiplied out it's STILL a PR: 23:03! Garmin time: 20:58 hehehe #fb
  • 09:28:10: Official results pending. :)
  • 09:51:31: Real conversation. Woman: "Did you walk?" Me: "No, I ran" Woman : "Oh." • rolls eyes •
  • 09:52:01: Sorry to annoy you by running, lady.
  • 09:58:41: I'm at Larry Geweke Ford (870 E Ostott rd, Yuba City).
  • 10:00:25: Freakin iPhone #Foursquare client. I'm sitting AT Geweke Ford but it says I'm too far away & refuses points.
  • 13:20:30: RT @alyankovic: My fat suit is currently in the process of being refurbished. New & improved man-boobs, y’all!
  • 14:19:14: Why did Joy use the bathroom? Sage alreadys went TWICE @ Red Robin! (@ Target)
  • 16:06:06: Another short race! Nevertheless, @ 7:27/mi, multiplied out that's a 23:04 5k for another PR! 20:58, 7:27/mi
  • 16:42:42: Ran 2.82 miles in 20 mins and felt great. These short races are becoming a habit. This time around it was 2.82 mile...
  • 16:47:20: Leave Brittany alone! #glee
  • 17:00:51: My son just interrupted #Glee to tell me important news: boogers are running down his face. #fb
  • 17:56:25: The girls (5 & 6 yo) have played the Wii for years, but now that they're using the projector, can't figure out how to point AT the screen.
  • 17:56:32: They're pointing at the ceiling.
  • 18:05:29: Total Wii fail, the girls couldn't figure it out. Now they're crying because I turned off the Wii. But they weren't able to play! Sheesh.
  • 18:15:50: I work for Dick Jones! DICK JONES!
  • 18:49:28: They're coming to get you, Barbara.
  • 18:50:17: This is my son's first black & white movie. He just asked me if they have "regular color".
  • 19:00:54: Ah yes, if you press the hook lever on your rotary telephone a bazillion times, it will make the busy signal stop.
  • 19:01:37: For the first time in a long time, my son is riveted. Just wait until arms get ripped off and eaten.
  • 19:01:49: Geez my wife's never going to leave the house again.
  • 19:03:07: "So what did you do this weekend?" "Gregory & I watched Night of the Living Dead while the girls watched Strawberry Shortcake."
  • 19:06:31: Why are the zombies breaking the headlights of the truck? I know why plot-wise, but aren't they brain dead? Maybe Bub broke the headlight.
  • 19:08:08: Someone get Duane a better weapon.

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