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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today's Workouts

Today's weight training went pretty well.

Warmup, 3 circuits, 30 seconds per exercise
Jumping Jacks
Split Jacks
Alternating LUnges
Mountain Climbers

Elevated-Heels High-Bar Squat, Sets: 12,10,8x115lbs
Situps, Sets: 12,10,8
Wide-Grip Barbell Curl, Sets: 12,10,8x80lbs
Incline Dumbbell Triceps Extension, Sets: 12,10,8x(2x17lbs)

40 minutes, 211 calories burned

I had another great run today! I dunno about you CA guys (hear me Barey?) but this weather's awesome, I've been having killer runs. Today's was as good as yesterday's, 3.2 miles, 8:24 pace average, 347 calories burned.

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Run - General
Distance:3.21 mi

Mile 1: 8:19
Mile 2: 8:23
Mile 3: 8:29
.2 Mi: 1:44 (8:28)

3.2 miles, 26:58, 8:24/mi average, 347 calories burned

Then wouldn't you know it, I left both my heart rate straps at work. My wife called before I came home from work to tell me that all our kids were spending the night with grandma. Spending the night meant no kids, so I pulled a "let's go to the gym" out of my hat. My wife tried to tell me she was still sick, to which I responded, "Oh ok, you can stay home, but I'm going." We went. :) 30 minutes on the elliptical, I'm claiming 300 calories, and you can't stop me.

Weights: 211
Run: 347
Elliptical: 300

Total: 858 calories burned
Intake: 1545 calories

From Twitter 07-26-2010

  • 03:02:35: New post on my blog: From Twitter 07-25-2010: 03:02:39: New post on my blog: From Twitter 07-24-2010: 03:02:13: Ne...
  • 04:37:14: Wt: 175.8, RHR: 50, BF: 17.6% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 05:10:03: Body Pump! (@ Pro Fitness w/ @chefperrault)
  • 05:10:03: Body Pump! (@ Pro Fitness w/ @chefperrault)
  • 06:51:58: I'm at Arco AM/PM (1332 Bogue Rd., Yuba City).
  • 08:31:58: Let's start this Monday off with an annoying IT tech support issue, yay!
  • 08:32:27: REAL emails... I got one from the sales guy, sent on his Blackberry: "What is the password for this new phone you gave me last week?"
  • 08:32:46: Me: "It shouldn't ask you for a password for anything, what is it asking you for a password for?"
  • 08:32:59: Sales Guy: "It is asking "
  • 08:33:36: Me: "Why does it want a password, like, are you using the internet, is it asking you for a password to make a call?"
  • 08:33:51: Sales Guy: "Voice mail"
  • 08:34:00: Hellooooooo Monday!
  • 08:52:27: Me: "Is it not letting you edit the resulting Excel file?" User: "What?"
  • 09:07:22: Did a fitness workout for 44 mins and felt good. Still sore from Saturday's hike (stinkin' hip flexors, man, they ge...
  • 09:50:31: I love how @dailymile counts all miles the same in reports. I hopscotched 5 miles last week.
  • 12:33:12: Is @runsaturday down? :(
  • 12:37:10: Completed a workout named Weight Training. 98 (kcal). 00:22:00
  • 12:41:28: Updated a workout named 2010/07/26 . 345 (kcal). 3.19 mi.. 00:26:54
  • 12:48:43: Ran 3.19 miles in 26 mins and felt great. About time I had a good run! I was afraid I'd still be sore after Saturda...
  • 12:54:40: Ran 3.19 mi in 26:54, 8:26/mi ave (8:40,8:25,8:15,8:18), 345 calories burned -
  • 13:29:32: Did a weights workout for 22 mins and felt good. Warmup, w/45lb bar, 3 circuits of 5
    Overhead Barbell Squats
  • 15:40:09: Why does my calorie tracker list chicken breast as "1 breast, bone removed"? Is there a bone-in version I could be eating? #fb
  • 16:33:14: My wife called, she's "not feeling well" and doesn't want to go to the gym. :(
  • 16:37:00: Wow. "hairy celebrity bathtub" did not give the Google Images results I was looking for. Guess I should turn Safesearch on, eh?
  • 17:23:10: I'm at Chevron ExtraMile (2700 Del Paso Rd., Sacramento).
  • 21:14:53: Completed a workout named Body Pump. 202 (kcal). 00:45:00
  • 21:17:37: Completed a workout named Stair Climber. 423 (kcal). 00:45:00
  • 21:19:22: Did a fitness workout and felt good. Another Spartacus viewing session while on the stair climber... actually, I had...
  • 21:39:22: New post on my blog: Today's Workouts: Other than my wife not going to the gym tonight, things were great. I made...
  • 21:40:42: New blog entry:
  • 22:24:34: I just sent this email to my church body:

    Would you like to get healthy (or healthier), have fun, and complete a

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