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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

From Twitter 12-06-2010

  • 03:01:14: New post on my blog: From Twitter 12-05-2010: 03:01:11: New post on my blog: From Twitter 12-04-2010: 03:01:12: ...
  • 06:39:08: Why the he'll am I wide awake at 5:30am? Aren't I supposed to be so exhausted that I sleep all day?
  • 06:48:56: Wt: 170.8, RHR: 48, BF: 16.8% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 07:41:15: Ah, weekend anchors. The woman said there was a guy running #CIM with no clothes on. Mark Finan corrected her and said he was shirtless :P
  • 07:45:33: I told my 5-year-old she needed to brush her teeth. She smiled, then breathed in my face. #love
  • 08:23:10: KCRA didn't catch the winner of #CIM cross the finish because they were away for a commercial!!!
  • 09:40:54: My boss just outdid himself!
  • 09:41:20: I'm supposed to be into work at 8, it's 8:40. I happen to have taken Monday thru Wednesday off (vacation form submitted, he signed it)
  • 09:41:40: He calls my cell and asks, "Where are you?" I say, "Uhh, sitting on my couch."
  • 09:42:09: LOOOONG pause. "You're not in the office?" I said, "No... Monday, Wednesday, Friday."
  • 09:42:28: ack not MWF, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday :P anyway it was funny
  • 10:43:20: Stan Atkinson! Lookin' good, buddy.
  • 15:35:48: I'm at Twin Rivers Charter School (840 Cooper Ave., Yuba City).
  • 15:39:49: I'm at Sutter County Library.
  • 21:04:41: Ooh... my wife's pulling the "Santa Claus" card on my daughter. This is serious.
  • 22:13:50: Bit of #CIM post mortem... TRIMP 579, CTL 90, ATL 104, TSB Before 8, TSB After -15, Power: 169. @Oblivion @mjburian
  • 22:15:47: My last marathon, those were virtually identical. 561, 89/102, 8/-14. But power? 302. So I expended LESS? @Oblivion @mjburian

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