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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's AMAZING what a little cooler weather can do. Today it was a cool 63 degrees during my run, very abnormal for 10:30 on an early September day. For example, last week it was 80 when I went out. At any rate, I had the best run I've had in WEEKS.

Everything was better. My breathing was great, I wasn't fatigued, I felt like I could go on forever. The weather was awesome, my pace, while not my best, certainly was better than it's been. Well, you've heard me whining that my average has been more like 11 min/mile lately.

My pace was 9:42! That's the best it's been since before my bout with chest congestion, which was a few months ago now. Seriously, I did 5.25 miles in 52 minutes. And afterwards? I feel great!

While not accurate (I wasn't wearing the strap today), the GPS estimates 690 calories burned.

Anyway, I'm glad it was a nice day today.

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