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Monday, November 03, 2008

I think I know the answer to these musings, but why is my running so uneven? Sometimes it goes REALLY well, while other times it goes REALLY bad, and there doesn't seem to be any in-between. I know a lot of factors weigh in, like how much rest I have, how I'm eating, my mood, the weather, the phases of the moon, the stock exchange, but really. I mean, I understand I'm going to have good days and bad days, and I accept it. But look at these examples.

Last Monday was a GREAT run. 5.35 miles, average 9 min/mile. Tuesday was a gym day, Wednesday Tim wanted to run with me so I slowed down for him and only ran 2.39, making it an easy run. Thursday, the same way only a bit farther, so we ran 3.16 miles. Friday was all mine, so I did 5.34, but I ended up going out too fast at the start and petered out by 4 miles. I ended up walking part of it, and finished with 9:51/mi.

Then Saturday. Saturday was HORRIBLE! Now the weather had a lot to do with that one what with the rain and all, but still. I walked quite a lot of it and ended up with a 12:43 average pace, taking almost 3 hours to finish 14 miles. Sunday was off.

Why the long tirade? Today...

Today, I decided I'd just let it happen. I also told myself that if my pace was going well, I'd alter my route and do ~6 miles instead of my normal ~5. I felt AMAZINGLY well. Almost too well, if you get what I'm saying. The weather was next to perfect, 59 degrees and overcast the whole time. As I came over the freeway I felt wonderful, so extended the route to 6.19 miles. Check out these splits:

Mile 1: 9:01.54
Mile 2: 8:39.15
Mile 3: 8:27.80
Mile 4: 8:53.27
Mile 5: 9:07.93
Mile 6: 8:52.87
.19 mi: 1:29.51 (7:50/mi)
Total: 54:32.07, 8:48/mi average

So why such a difference? Was it the rest day that did it? I'm happy I did so well today, but man, things are inconsistent.

Actually, I do know what the problem was. It was fatigue, pure and simple. Gotta be careful there.

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