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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Long Run - 14 miles

Did my 14-mile long run this morning. I'm still experimenting a bit with methods, seeing what works best for me. Today, I did amazingly well, with an average pace better than I've ever had on a long run!

Mile 1: 9:30.09
Mile 2: 9:28.80
Mile 3: 9:42.36
Mile 4: 10:02.11
Mile 5: 10:15.82
Mile 6: 9:33.22
Mile 7: 9:20.56
Mile 8: 9:31.15
Mile 9: 9:36.53
Mile 10: 9:46.06
Mile 11: 9:44.19
Mile 12: 9:43.22
Mile 13: 9:59.19
Mile 14: 10:04.51
.04 Miles: :22.35 (10:13/mi)

14.02 miles, 2:16.40, 9:44 average pace, 1779 calories burned.

I did a couple things differently today. I was watching my pace much more closely and tried not to go too fast in the early miles. Although I did, I felt much fresher towards the end so I could run a little faster. The second thing, someone had suggested I eat 2 or 3 gels rather than just the one I was eating before, so that's what I did. I ate one at 6 miles and another at 11 miles.

One thing I noticed is I wasn't completely famished when done running. When I came in the door, I ate something because I needed it for recovery, but I didn't feel overly hungry. This is a good thing! I think that in the future, more gels for this distance is what I'll do.

Another thing is afterwards I wasn't as tired as I've been in the past. I didn't feel compelled to lounge on the couch, to take a nap, or anything. In fact, we were busy the rest of the day, and running 14 miles didn't seem to affect it at all. Thank goodness!

This is the 5th Saturday long run I've done in a row. I think it's safe to say the pattern has been set. No long run next week, due to the Turkey Trot. That will be interesting!


Pat said...

great graph from sportstrack. How did you do that? I've never seen that graph.

Greg said...

If you click the little triangle next to the graphs, it's the Splits option. My Forerunner is set for 1-mile laps, which show up as splits in SportTracks.

Darrell said...

Nice run. You could spark a whole heated debate with that 10:00 pace line demarcating running from jogging. ;-)

Greg said...

Hey man, I didn't define it, that's the default SportTracks puts in. That said, Websters defines running as moving with both feet off the ground (as opposed to one foot staying on the ground at all times). That's what I did. :)

D10 said...

Great job on the run. Figuring out nutrition while running is really trial and error. Glad you are finding things that work.

Marcy said...

Nice job on that 14 miler! You'll have those long runs down in no time ;-)

MarathonRandy said...

Great job with the run...where or how do you get that chart to post here...that looks interesting...tho I would be more up on the "jogging" end of it I 10 miler today was ok, not great, but I got it done none the less....

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Very nice long run. It sounds like you are doing a good job figuring out your nutritional needs for your long runs.

Good luck with the 5k.