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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running Vlog #3

Saturday morning would normally be a 14-mile long run, but I had an important 2-hour appointment to attend. The appointment wasn't until 9am, and the location was 7 miles, so I figured hey, why not make it my long run! 7 miles there, 2-hour appointment, and 7 miles back.

While the 7 miles back, didn't quite happen the way I planned (see the long run entry for that one), I did another vlog on the way there. I've kept the destination a surprise, you'll find out where I went at the end of the video.


Anonymous said...

Way to multi task! Hope all went well at the performance.

Marcy said...

What? You didn't want to stop at the tat parlor and get one? LOL

How did the performance go?