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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Someone STOP Me!

The good news is that jury duty is OVER. I wasn't picked to serve, thank goodness.

The bad news is twofold. First, I didn't get to run today. While that's not too bad, the other sort of scares me.

My diet yesterday and today was horrid. Not just terrible, but full-on Greg's 2003 diet. Seriously.

Breakfast was a belgian waffle at IHOP. Oh, I justified it real good. With jury duty happening I had some time in the morning, so I took my son out for breakfast. Just me and a 6-year-old boy, chomping down on stuff that dad had no business eating. At least I had them make the waffle with their harvest nut & grain batter, but still...

Lunch was fish & chips. FISH & CHIPS! Two big, giant pieces of fish with fries to go with them. Holy cow, man, what was I thinking?

That's just it, I wasn't thinking. So after lunch was over, it was time to go on to work. But did I go straight there? My stomach was full, and I knew better, but I stopped at the donut shop and bought a buttermilk bar.

Two miles down the road, the bar was gone, and I was stopped to buy some Diet Dew. Oh look over there, there's some donuts. Let's just be impulsive! Another buttermilk bar.

I know better than this. Absolutely, positively. Look at the running stats, I'm already up a few pounds, so why am I sabataging myself? Unbelievable.

I did get about 100 pages into A Walk in the Woods. And even though I was complaining about it, the food all tasted good. Why must it all taste good? Anyway, that's enough whining and disclosure.

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Pat said...

Hey, I resemble that. At least it was a diet dew.