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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekday Run - 6.2 miles

Today's run was with Tim. I kept at his pace, although I ended up way ahead of him for a while and ended up walking with him a short while. Because of the walking, I told him at a certain point I'd ditch him, so that's what I did.

After I went inside to get my Powerade Zero, I went back to make sure Tim was ok. As I suspected, he was walking. I started the GPS again once I went after him.

Here come the splits.

Mile 1: 9:43.32
Mile 2: 9:56.65
Mile 3: 12:48.32
Mile 4: 11:34.26
Mile 5: 9:11.68
Mile 6: 9:14.84
.46 Mile: 5:44.09 (12:28/mi)

I ditched tim in the middle of Mile 5. We were about a half mile into it at 10:00/mi when I said, "I'm going to ditch you at the corner." I sprinted to about a 6:30 mile for all of about 200 feet, then averaged about 8:45 for the rest of the mile. It's interesting the average pace for that mile came to 9:11, which I averaged the rest of the way.

After 6.2 miles, I jogged back to where he was and walked with him the rest of the way back.

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Marcy said...

LOL way to ditch em ;-)