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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weight Workout + Treadmill

I worked out at the gym today. As I left, it was nice and rainy, too. For a change it was cool in there, so I guess the pattern is hot in the summer, cold in the winter.

I also played with the Garmin 50 a bit more. I had originally hoped that I could wear the Garmin strap while doing weight workouts, and use the 50 to export my ongoing heart rate and calories burned to Garmin Training Center and SportTracks. That didn't happen, because unfortunately, the Garmin 50 only tracks calories burned when the foot pod is active! Obviously it doesn't take heart rate into consideration, otherwise it would work just fine.

It did let me output my ongoing heart rate, though.

While it's neat to have a chart of it, calories burned is much more useful for me. So I'll continue to wear the Reebok strap & watch for weight workouts.

Warmup, w/45lb bar, 3 circuits
* Overhead Squat
* Squat
* Good Morning
* Barbell Lunge
* Romanian Deadlift
* Bent-over Row

* Drop Squat, 3x20
* Underhand-grip Dumbell Row, 3x20x25lbs
* Reverse Hyperextension, 3x20
* Elbows-in Elevated Pushup, 3x20
* Side Bridge, 3x10 (both sides)
* Side Lateral Raise & Rotation, 2x15lbs

34 minutes, ~200 calories burned

After the weight workout I decided to try out the foot pod with the Garmin on the treadmill, and it's obvious to me it needs calibration. It's also entirely possible the treadmill's inaccurate, and more than likely it's both. I set the treadmill for 7.5mph (8 min/mi), and ran for what the treadmill said was 1 mile. When I stopped the Garmin, it read 8 minutes. That sounds about right, except the Garmin also said I ran 1.13 miles, averaging out to more like 7:04/mi, or 8.5mph. I need to get out onto the track for some calibration!

8 minutes, ~1 mile, 141 calories burned.

Total calories: 341

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rodney said...

Sounds like a nice workout. I got in a few miles on the road, and have since retired to visiting with in-laws. Have a nice thanksgiving.