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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today's Tweets

04:30 RHR: 50 #

07:31 Heading out for my run. Git 'em up, dogies! #

08:49 New Flickr upload: Monterey Bay: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Wanna run? #

09:50 New Flickr upload: Resistance Is Futile: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: I am Motel 6 of Borg #

09:50 New Flickr upload: Arrested Development: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Either that or Invasi.. #

11:43 Mapped 12/13/2008 Route (12.00 mi.) #

11:48 Completed 12/13/2008. 1,465 (kcal) Distance 12.00 mi. Duration 02:31:13 #

12:20 New Flickr upload: 12-13-2008 Splits: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

12:20 New Flickr upload: MontereyLongRun121308: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

13:17 In the aquarium I told my wife to find what she wants to eat, then we'll go to lunch & she can order it. #

15:13 Eating lunch, girl at the other table is talking about running the Disney World Marathon. #

15:49 New Flickr upload: Sealed: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Lazy-ass seals. #

18:49 Sitting down for dinner @ the company Christmas party. Watch for a running vlog later this eve. #

20:30 The yams at this Christmas party are AMAZING. #

20:41 Interesting musical transition: Temptations to Usher. #

21:29 The party's overrrrr, it's time to call it a dayyyyy. At least for me. People are still upstairs partying down though. I'm a wimp. #

22:30 Off to bed. Nite all. #

22:49 New post on my blog: Running Vlog #4: Running vlog from my long run along the Monterey Bay c.. #

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