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Monday, December 15, 2008

Today's Tweets

05:20 RHR: 50 #

08:50 New post on my blog: Long Run 12-13-08: 12 miles, Monterey, CA: This weekend was my company'.. #

10:27 Shopping some before the long drive home. #

11:41 $6 for a seashell? Ouch! #

12:19 New Flickr upload: Village Mermen: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: These aren't the droids you.. #

14:57 Nice, Shell doesn't do cashback. #

16:05 First fog, now rain. Snow in the sierras tho. #

16:20 New video uploaded: Running Vlog #4: Monterey Long Run 12-13-08: Long run I did the morning o.. #

16:45 Almost home, yay! #

17:41 Picking up the kids, but do we get to come home? NO, it's Wal-Mart time. Wooooo. #

19:05 Just home after leaving the heat off for 3 days, it's 44 degrees inside! Yikes! #

20:38 No, I didn't post my vlog while driving. Heh. #

21:49 New Flickr upload: Vonka Tinglerz: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: You may 'av the Vonka... bu.. #

22:44 That's it, I quit. Dreading the morning weigh-in when I see the damage the weekend did. *gulp* #

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