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Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's Tweets

08:41 Wt: 164.0, RHR: 56 #

09:10 It's raining! Forecast says rain through at least Thursday. "AM Rain" on Tuesday, so I might get away with a dry run in the afternoon. #

11:37 In church for our Christmas service. #

13:03 Rain's coming down good now, but I don't mind. No running today. :) Now lunch is a different story. #

13:24 Time to pick up my wife & kids at the museum. #

13:36 The museum has a 25' tree and it makes me wonder how long it will take to be replaced. That's not a farm tree! #

14:03 New Flickr upload: Big, big tree: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: This doesn't look like a tre.. #

16:04 Settling down to watch A Christmas Story with the family. Bumpassssssssssss! #

16:22 Living in CA, my son just didn't "get" the tongue stuck on the pole scene. Maybe he should learn firsthand? #

16:25 Horrible transfer on A Christmas Story. Aside from it being fullscreen (grr), there's film specks throughout. My wife paid 10 bucks. #

16:30 "It's a major award!" #

16:32 "And I know just the place for it: right in the middle of our front room window!" #

16:39 No one, no one, no one ever is to blame. Take that, Alanis. #

16:58 6 years old and my son can only make it through 45 minutes of A Christmas Story? Whose kid is he? #

19:03 New Flickr upload: Big-E Sails Again: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: Found the Enterprise D! #

19:13 My 4yo just announced that the cat is a perfect singer, just like she is. #

20:31 So earlier today I was talking to my pastor about running, and my mother overheard. She said to him, "What did you do with my son?" #

21:33 New post on my blog: Virtual Run Across America: With today being Sunday, and having a knot .. #

21:34 Alright, I gotta go to bed. My throat is telling me I might be sick tomorrow morning. I certainly hope not. #

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