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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today's Tweets

05:50 Wt: 165.2, RHR: 68. Weight up, RHR up, and I feel like crap. Head hurts, throat full of phlegm. Ugh. #

06:11 36 degrees here. So much for the cloud cover warming things up. #

06:44 Newspaper says ppl are getting rid of pets due to the economy. Think my wife will let me get rid of the cat? #

08:15 RIP Abit. :( #

08:26 I like hores. #

08:27 Hmm that didn't get automatically converted to tinyurl, weird. #

08:34 The London Telegraph has a story about Lance Armstrong's tweets! #

08:54 Hey, I just realized I don't feel as crappy as I did this morning. Thank goodness. I still feel crappy though, it's just more manageable. #

09:37 Explaining 8/7c to my Indian coworker. *snicker* #

09:44 Sweet! Michael Chiklis is developing a new series based on Ponzi Schemes! Chiklis is the MAN. #

11:21 Partly cloudy, 47 degrees... wonder if I should swap running & gym days, since tomorrow's supposed to rain? #

13:40 Off to the gym, a bit later than usual. #

14:35 Finished @ the gym, heading back to work for PROTEIN! #

15:41 Dangit, couldn't resist the deer-poop sized toffee. Had two pieces. #

16:26 Completed 12/22/2008. 216 (kcal). 00:30:52 #

17:00 Ritualistic Monday drive home: Diet Dew, protein bar, & Jillian Michaels. Hope TBL's Michelle is on! #

18:41 My 3yo is playing her handheld videogame. With her toes. She's not doing too badly, either. #

18:42 Meanwhile the headache's returned. Ibuprofen, down the hatch! Come on, baby. #

18:50 Jillian Michaels podcast report... no TBL guests, and no mention at ALL of TBL. Grrrr. #

20:09 It's a trick. Get an axe. #

20:33 New post on my blog: Weight Workout: This morning was awful. My weight was up, at 165.4, and.. #

21:33 I'm off to bed. Let's just hope tomorrow I feel better. #

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