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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today's Tweets

06:26 Wt: 164.6, RHR: 51 #

06:35 It's raining! And I'm running late. #

06:47 Mangled tweet! #

07:10 Tweet-driving, wishing I was still in bed. #

07:57 I'm surprised how many people are at work today. Sucks, that means I'll have to work a full day. :) #

07:58 I also left my gym bag at home so I wouldn't be tempted to work out today. I still don't feel all that great. #

08:50 Captain Obvious is now a reporter. This just in, sports drinks that include protein are better! #

09:07 Dell tells me the reason this computer won't run the PCIe x1 card I bought is that it "wasn't designed for gaming." Nice. #

09:07 Said PC has a PCIe x16 slot and TWO PCIe x1 slots. #

09:08 Said PC was purchased to run 6 monitors in order to display FREIGHT TRAFFIC. Yeah, that's gaming, mm-hmm. #

09:32 Aha! Finally an answer from Dell, they say the bandwidth of these cards is too high, creating the incompatibility. #

09:41 Hey cool, my boss is taking us to lunch. #

09:41 Sushi again, likely. :) #

11:12 I love how everyone is just scheming to get out of work early today. Meanwhile nothing is getting done and I'm fighting with computers. #

11:44 Off to lunch. Ooh the girl gets to pick. #

11:58 Sushi! What a surprise. I'll have chicken teriyaki. :) #

16:33 Tonite my mom's going to accuse me of trying to starve myself. #

18:53 Marlo Thomas is on Larry King, her face is like a Barbie (i.e., plastic) #

19:00 Kids opening presents @ Grandma's house. #

19:26 Hah! I told my mom no to pie. She pouted. Oh well. #

19:34 My mom got me a Gillette Fusion "Phenom". What's phenom? It's the same as standard fusion! #

20:19 My son says he wanted Obama to be elected because he's a famous guy. #

21:43 Nobody says, "get off my lawn" like Clint Eastwood. #

22:03 New post on my blog: Merry Christmas Eve!: Hey, guys. I'm still hanging in there, but still .. #

22:29 Wrapping is all done, finishing up watching Fringe, then off to bed. #

22:48 Nite all. May Santa bring you many presents. #

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