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Friday, January 30, 2009

Weight Workout

Today went pretty well at the gym. I ended up not even leaving for the gym until 3pm! I got lucky though, at least I was able to go.

I also need to apologize, lately I've just been so busy, not only have I not been able to blog as I had been, but I haven't been able to post responses either. I suppose it's just that time of year.

Warmup, 30 secs each, 3 circuits
* Jumping Jacks
* Split Jacks
* Squats
* Alternating Lunges
* Mountain Climbers

* Deadlifts, 3x7x115lbs
* Close-grip Bench Press, 3x3x135lbs
* Hammer Curls, 3x5x35lbs

Tomorrow's a 12-mile long run @ 9:37 - 9:52. No problem.

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