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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Today's Tweets

07:26 Wt: 170.8, RHR: 54 #

07:48 So much for running today. My right leg is oddly weak today. When I got out of bed, it momentarily wouldn't support me! #

07:48 So I'm doing what everyone says and listening to my body. I'll do the long run tomorrow. Today I'll stretch off and on all day. #

07:49 Google seems fine for me at the moment. #

07:50 Geez, google going bad sure messed up Twitter. That's all anyone's talking about. #

08:03 Ooooh, do we have a new Billy Carter? George Obama arrested for marijuana possession: #

08:05 You guys posting your run reports is bugging me :) #

08:13 MAN Loudtwitter's slow these days. It's supposed to post my tweets to my blog at 11:59pm, today it posted them at 6am #

09:56 better #

11:42 Alright, off to help a friend move. #

11:43 I may tweet in between though. :) #

13:36 Geez man, my friends are still packing! Grrr. #

14:57 I should work out on the stairclimber this evening to make up for the 3 pieces of pizza I just ate. #

17:28 BP 116/66. Cool. :) #

17:37 I just hope I feel better tomorrow, I don't want to miss a long run! #

22:05 OK time to watch a couple B5 episodes & post about them on TCF to make the tweeps happy. :) #

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