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Friday, February 20, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:04 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:05 New post on my blog: Cross Training/Recovery Work.. #

05:40 Wt: 175., RHR: 52, BF: 17.6%, DWD: 11 #

08:49 Why can't users read the part of the window that says "This is informational, don't worry about it" instead of call me, freaked out? #

08:51 Wow, Spybot S&D now knows about 389,869 problems, yet STILL can't find and clean some of them. Insane. #

09:31 Same user called me again. "Hey I got this thing pop up on my screen, what do I do?" It was the Adobe Acrobat license agreement. #

09:55 The Adam Carolla Show is now no more. *snif* #

10:47 Well guys, I'm ready to run today and see how my leg fairs. Should I run 2.5, 4.5, or 6 miles? #

10:49 RT @JesseNewhart: U2 Album Leaks, Despite Ridiculous Attempts To Block It: - Yet, it still sucks. #

10:58 Phone rings. "Hi, I realize you're about to go on your run..." which translates to, "You're not running until late afternoon." #

11:09 RT @runnersworld: Olympian Brian Sell of Hansons-Brooks fame will race in Boston! - sweet! #

11:11 [IT guy] John Pham of @aDoRunRun fame will race in Chicago! #

13:03 Well, I limited my run to 2.5 miles, and took it easy. I feel alright, my knee hurt for a few minutes but then stopped. #

13:04 I did some stretches, and now I'm icing my leg. Only time will tell how it feels later. #

13:46 User tells me he always runs a program called "CClean". I don't know what it is, and his computer's running slow... #

13:46 He's now backtracked and says he never runs it and doesn't know what it is. #

16:38 I hear something... hah! It's the Diet Dew at the store down the street, calling my name. #

19:46 Suddenly my Tivoserver/Tivo Desktop stopped working. #

19:49 Downloading the latest Tivo Desktop now, hopefully it'll solve the problem. Strange it would start all of a sudden though. #

20:04 "Element not found." Nice and non-descriptive, as all good errors should be. #

20:13 Wow, cool. I deleted the cache files for TivoServer and magically it worked. #


20:18 Fire. No, not Bruce. ♫ #

20:19 3 1/2 hours to transfer Lost from the Tivo to the PC? #

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