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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Call Those Sprints?!?! - 6.04 miles

I ran 6.04 miles today. The run scheduled for today was 10 minute warmup, 5x1k w/400m rest intervals. As far as pain goes, there really wasn't any, but there was some soreness in my thighs. Trying not to push it too hard and hurt myself, I ended up running 1/4 mile intervals adding the rest of the time of each to the rest intervals. I had the Garmin set to record 1k interval splits, so I'm not worrying about posting them here.

After I was finished, I did whatever I could to reduce the amount of soreness I experienced. I stretched for about 15 minutes, then iced both my knee and lower-leg for 15. Then I wore my knee brace the rest of the day.

Tonight other than a bit of soreness, I feel really well. Hopefully I'll feel this good in the morning.

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