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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sprint Intervals - 10x400 - 6 miles

Last night my worries got the best of me and I tested my blood sugar a few times. Before eating dinner, it was 66. An hour after dinner it was 67. This morning it was 65. I suppose things are in control. :)

Today, I'm happy to report that I did the best with intervals than I've done over the past month, at least! I did them on the treadmill to help with sticking on pace, and felt really, really good. The fact that it was 400m intervals helped, I'm sure. Specifically, 10x400 with 400m rest intervals in between. 10 minutes for warmup, 10 minutes for cooldown, with stretching time afterwards. I iced my leg tonight. Goal pace for intervals was 7:22, but the treadmill wouldn't do exactly that. Of course I didn't want to go faster, so I went one notch under. :) 8.1 mph was the treadmill setting, rest intervals were 6mph.

1: 7:51/mi
2: 7:29/mi
3: 7:28/mi
4: 7:38/mi
5: 7:32/mi
6: 7:34/mi
7: 7:38/mi
8: 7:39/mi
9: 7:24/mi
10: 7:42/mi

What's interesting to me there is the speed difference the treadmill had each time I put in the same setting.

Total 6 miles, 57:45, 697 calories burned.

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