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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:34 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:04 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:04 New po.. #

05:46 Wt: 175.6, RHR: 53, BF: 17.3%, DWD: 4 #

08:32 Twitterfone is cool but blend in a marathon. #

08:34 Heh. It's going to take more enunciation on my part to get Twitterfone to work well. :) #

10:37 The flip cam arrived! Woot! #

11:18 Thank you, Tweetdeck, for informing me that Twitter was down. What a pal. #

11:22 There it is again. "Twitter Status: Bad Gateway Twitter is down". Whattup, Twittah? #

13:58 Alright, I'm off to do intervals, which I'm not looking forward to... 3x1600 today. I'm going to do them on the treadmill this time around. #

14:46 Interval fail. My leg just hurts too much. I'm going to try again tonight. #

15:43 I can't believe how depressed not being able to run today has gotten me. #

17:00 OK guys, I'm off. Don't forget The Biggest Loser tonight. :) Now where's that Diet Dew... #

17:55 Attempting a speed while driving a car with the windows down. #

18:01 gchance said something #

18:13 gchance said something #

18:15 Twitterfone FAIL! #

18:21 1 last try. Let's get this right. #

18:30 I have to use small words to make sure this understands what I say. #

18:35 (Shoe?) megaphone (Plenties?). #

21:37 I'm gonna be fighting sleep to get on the treadmill tonight. Help me get there, guys. #

21:52 Well, Mafia Wars is acting weird. Instead of being paid in 28 minutes, it says "More in 528:51" #

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