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Monday, April 06, 2009

Sprint Intervals - 5 x (2 min fast/2 min slow) - 4.81 miles

Normally I run Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday, but tomorrow I'm taking my wife on a road trip for our anniversary. 8 years... she's a trouper, too, it's going to be a dual-function trip. The anniversary trip of course, but second, we're driving the marathon route. :)

So I did this week's intervals on the treadmill today instead. 20 min warmup @ 10:00/mi, 5 x (2 min fast @ 7:24/mi, 2 min slow @ 10:00/mi), 10 min cooldown @ 10:00/mi. 4.81 miles, 50 minutes, 521 calories burned.

Tomorrow's gonna be great. My wife wants to head over to Fort Bragg after we drive the Ave, and we will, but tomorrow's forecast to be thundershowers. I don't think we'll do much outside the car, heh.

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