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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taper Long Run - 13 miles

It happened again. I know better, I should run as early as possible for many reasons, not the least of all temperature.

But I was tired! Last night I was exhausted and went to bed at 8:30. Then this morning, I just did not want to get up this morning. Not at 4:30, not at the 2nd alarm ring at 5:30. Not even at 6:30. So, I stayed in bed and slept until 8:30, and got 12 hours of sleep (minus the moments when I turned off the alarm, of course).

I put it off, put it off, put it off, and finally ran at 11:30. When I started, it was 70 degrees outside. When I finished, it was 82! I proved once again that my body's not quite acclimated to the hot weather. At least it's still only April, right? Perhaps by the end of summer, I'll be used to it.

I want badly to blame the heat on my poor performance today. To some extent I can, but to be realistic, my long runs have all been like this the past few months. Since I took the week off to let my leg recover a few months ago, I just haven't gotten back to running to the best of my ability. The splits tell the story, of course.

Mile 1: 09:35.48
Mile 2: 09:46.03
Mile 3: 10:02.46
Mile 4: 12:20.44
Mile 5: 13:20.72
Mile 6: 13:05.74
Mile 7: 13:01.09
Mile 8: 15:30.71
Mile 9: 12:46.55
Mile 10: 13:16.49
Mile 11: 14:41.94
Mile 12: 17:25.84
Mile 13: 13:57.38

13 miles, 2:48:57.24, 12:59/mi average! Augh! But hey, I burned 1832 calories.

So then when I got home, what was the first thing out of my wife's mouth? "I thought you weren't running as far today." See, she's started to figure out how long it takes me to run distances, so when it takes longer, she notices.

I need some sleep. Tomorrow I'm running the Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k. Goodnight!

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I really have noticed that on your long runs you start out really fast and then slow down as you go. That early speed really takes a toll later on.

Good luck at the 5k.