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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tempo Run - Treadmill, 4 miles

Today was supposed to be an 8-mile tempo run @ 8:47/mi, but it was raining and I brought the wrong clothes. Excuses, excuses? Perhaps. I went to the gym and was going to do the 8 miles on the treadmill, but could only hack 4 miles. At least I got to watch Lost! It's interesting watching the older episodes knowing what we know now.

Anyway, I also called the organizer for the Avenue of Giants Marathon to ask logistical questions about travel to & from the campground, as well as get information about the Saturday night spaghetti feed. Everyone can go! Now I won't have to ditch my family.

Tomorrow I'm going to do the full 8 miles, and this time bring the proper clothing.

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