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Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:10 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:08 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:09 New po.. #

06:28 Wt: 175.8, RHR: 51, BF: 17.6% #

07:49 At work now! Thanks @theanarunner for the follow suggestion #

08:00 It looks like my tempo run FAIL has a brightside for today; weather shows partly cloudy this afternoon! #

08:31 I had a peanut butter & banana sandwich for breakfast. In other news, I'm ovulating. #

08:44 RT @caseywright: Follow the original Batman: @therealadamwest and the person who alerted me to his Twitter presence: @lannies #followfriday #

09:34 I just accidentally put a Vista clone on a box that's supposedly not Vista compatible. Working just fine, thank you. :) #

10:04 Advice: if I trust you, I'm likely to follow your #followfriday tweeps sight unseen. If not? Well I'm probably not following you anyway. #

10:26 Rocket Man, just not the one you think. Kate Bush. ♫ #

11:18 RT @sacbee_news: Davis will be new home of Bicycling Hall of Fame - Well, how about that? #

11:40 Greatest children's book movie adaptation to happen in a long, long time: #

14:34 As @rodmur launches into his rendition of The Aristocrats. #

14:39 Got this email while running: "System is slow & Mel can not print any...please advise." Called the user, he said the same thing. #

14:39 I asked, "Any what?" His response was like I was an idiot. #

14:43 Sponsored tweets are getting old. This is becoming #unfollowfriday. Crap, I should have waited until #unfollowmonday. #

15:46 He hasn't typed anything yet but for #followfriday I recommend a good friend of mine, @sbatson01. Fabulous Sacramento-area photographer. #

16:09 I'm a happy boy! ♫ #

16:13 Mapped 04/10/2009 Route (8.02 mi.) #

16:16 Completed Last over 6-mile tempo run!. 1,058 (kcal) Distance 8.02 mi. Duration 01:16:13 #

16:23 I'm going to try and sneak out of work on time today. Gotta cache water for tomorrow's 20-miler! #

16:36 RT @wwwjeffmayca: How have I not posted this yet?? Me in action, a buddy shot it for a school project #

16:38 Off to do the Dew. And buy some gels. And such. :) #

19:09 My hard drive just completely crashed, it's clicking incessantly. Guess what I don't have. I know better. #

19:15 Alright, I'm off to cache water. #

22:12 All my tweeps are going to bed! @kchealy, are you still around? #

22:27 New version of Sporttracks! It's got tomorrow's date too, hehehe #

22:28 Oh wait, it's not Sporttracks, it's the powertracks plugin. Nevermind. #

22:31 Ohhhh. New Sportracks AND new Powertracks. Mmm, tasty! #

23:04 New Flickr upload: 4-10-2009 Splits: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

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