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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

6-Mile Run

I ran 6 miles today!


I just had a great run is all. It wasn't as hot as it'll be later, but I do believe that I'm getting acclimated to the warmer weather.

Since I'm not training any longer, I just decided to go with the flow and run by comfort level. Yes, I was running much slower by the end than at the beginning, but I really don't mind. It was just nice to have a run where I felt good and enjoyed it the whole way through.

Mile 1: 8:37
Mile 2: 8:45
Mile 3: 9:29
Mile 4: 9:42
Mile 5: 10:42
Mile 6: 11:19

6 miles, 58:43, 9:46/mi, 804 calories burned

The traffic was seriously uncooprative today, too. In Mile 2, there was a UPS truck parked in a high-traffic area, on top of a grassy area to the point where I had noplace to run safely. I was able to run beside the truck, and as I came to the end of it a car came barreling through the driveway in front of me! I stopped, and the girl gave me the most devilish look I'd ever seen as if it were my fault that she had to stop. Excuse me.

Then on the way over the freeway I had to stop for almost a minute for the cars to pass. That part was usual for this time of day, but it was still annoying.

Finally, about halfway through the run I saw two cops parked on the side of the road. The cops were knelt down beside a guy who was sprawled out on the grass. One of the cops was on his radio, making a call. Back in the office, I saw a news article about someone finding a body right in the area I saw the sprawled out guy! At first I thought it was the same guy, but the guy who died had been found next to a dumpster behind a business.

So that's how it went. I had a wonderful run, with plenty of excitement.

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