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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:22 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 01:17 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:12 New Fl.. #

04:48 Good morning! #

04:48 *yawn* #

05:14 Just finished oatmeal w/scoop of whey protein, and a banana. 5:13am, not too much more time... #

05:37 Just checked the weather, it shows 54 degrees & cloudy. Tempted to not wear head to foot clothing, but know better. #

06:12 "She" must be gone. At least, that's what Bill Withers tells me. #

06:13 Alright, enough of this. Off to get first place! Sub 2 hours here I come! #

07:08 Just arrived at the starting line, less than an hour until the gun! #

07:27 Bib #117 for those interested. #

07:39 Test from MoTwit... #

08:01 Starting soon... #

08:47 Miles 4 it's all uphill. #

09:23 Allie the (?) runner. Mile 7 and I could not read your message but thanks. #

10:24 Halfway there. Looking at 440. #

11:01 Time for a real tweet: 2:55:07, 15.65 miles. Slowwwww finish but gettin 'er done. #

11:02 Back hurts a tad, now back to running. #

12:09 Well this sucks. Old speedwalker-dude just passed me... coming the opposite direction. 4:04.05, 19.14 miles. #

13:43 Breaking a new world record: slowest marathon in the world. 5:38.44, 24 miles. But I'm finishing, by God! #

14:41 Everyone: I'm alive. It took me about 6 1/2 hours, but I finished. #

14:42 I'll be uploading a pic to Flickr in a second, but wanted to tell everyone. It all fell apart around mile 11 (!). #

18:29 Hey guys, finally back at the computer. Boy am I sore. :) #

18:33 BTW, did my voice tweets come across while I was running? #

18:34 Hmm, my twitpic didn't get posted. #

18:37 Wow the twitpic must not have posted because I didn't put any text in the body #

18:38 You know, at the marathon today I only saw two black people, a husband & wife. They weren't even running, they were Team in Training coaches #

18:39 Oh wait, I think I lost signal as I sent the twitpic. I'm sending it now. #

18:44 - 2009 Avenue of the Giants Marathon Finish #

18:46 New Flickr upload: 2009 Avenue of the Giants Marathon Finish: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: .. #

19:02 Looking at my finish picture, my time was more like 6:20. Cool haha #

19:02 I even forgot to turn off the Garmin & HRM at the end, so to get a real time I have to wait. #

19:25 RT @sbatson01: The New York Institute of Photography Interviewed me! #

20:48 My wife brought me a Diet Dew and a bag of sweet potato chips! I'm loved! #

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