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Monday, May 18, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:29 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:35 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:15 New po.. #

05:43 Wt: 180.6, RHR: 50, BF: 18% #

08:58 Note to self: wash your headband more often, it stinks like hell. #

09:13 Not following him any MORE. #

09:25 I just realized something: it's likely that Tuvok was never born. #

09:30 A Flock of Seagulls is back together! #

11:04 Glad to see The Price is Right still spawns dumbass contestants: #

12:05 Question: why have an answering service answer the phone as your business name, if the next thing out of their mouths is, "We're a service." #

13:10 - 3yo daughter cut her own hair today... #

13:33 Off to the gym, back in a while. #

14:04 New Flickr upload: 3yo daughter cut her own hair today...: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: At .. #

14:54 Help me guys, this blackberry won't go into Mass Storage Mode. You plug it in and it never asks. Everything is turned on. #

14:57 RT @RunningRealtor: Might help as a memory jogger.... @JODYGIRL162 ♫ - Who covered this tune in 1988? #

15:12 Honestly, @RunningHoosier asked for it. Really! Wilson Philips, "Daniel"... ♫ #

15:39 WOO! Got the mass storage mode to work. No thanks to all you tweeps. ;) #

15:52 ooh I think the difficulty level went up too fast sorry :) #

16:08 Billy Squier, "Rock Me Tonite": #

22:41 I was going to run 5 miles after 24, but I can't find my headlamp. :( #

23:13 Peter Murphy Cuts You Up. Peter doesn't cut you up, he... just listen. Sheesh. ♫ #

23:18 This quickly became one of my favorite songs recently. Peter Gabriel, "Downside Up", swapping vocals with his d... ♫ #

23:40 Coverdale/Page, "Shake My Tree". Yeah! Forgot about it, dincha? ♫ #

23:47 Wow! Barack Obama gave me props on for Peter Gabriel. Didn't know he was a fan. #

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