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Monday, May 25, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:16 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:04 OK, old people, time to embrace our age: Leif Gar.. #

09:09 Wt: 179.6, RHR: 56, BF: 17.5% #

10:35 RT @sacbee_news: Twitter plans TV competition series #

11:29 Mafia Wars = manly, Farm Town = not so much manly #

11:42 Do you guys know if Home Depot is open today? #

11:57 Why is my wife using BBQ sauce to make egg salad? #

12:04 RT @dipnip: Start excercising finger flicking. (another demonstration of creative twitter editing, hehe) #

12:23 Joe Pesci, "Take Your Love & Shove It" Sing along, everyone! ♫ #

16:50 Dangit! Went all the way to Home Depot to get a brass hose-end only to find it was the wrong end. D'oh! #

16:51 RT @Alyssa_Milano: Reports: Mike Tyson's daughter critical after accident - (via @espn) very sad news. #

17:46 Flippin' neighbor called me Flanders again. #

18:55 Cleaning up dead songs in my playlist #

18:56 This one certainly deserves a reblip: Queen, "Innuendo" ♫ #

19:20 - The reason cats are the worst pet. #

19:43 Que es mas macho: Farm Town o Mafia Wars? Farm.... o Mafia... #

19:45 Screwed that one up didn't I? Quien es mas macho grrrr #

19:49 New Flickr upload: The reason cats are the worst pet.: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

19:49 Watching The Corbomite Maneuver with my son. His idea. *snif* I love that boy. #

19:52 - This is not my son. This is Clint Howard. #

20:05 "Excuse me, Sir, it's time you had something to eat." -- Yeoman Rand. "I'll give you something to eat." -- Captain Kirk #

20:11 RT @willwork4bacon: My daughter wants to know why Robert Plant looks like a woman. #fb #

20:14 Geez this ensign's overreacting. No wonder they got Chekov. :) #

20:15 Ensign Bailey went to the William Shatner School of Acting, but William Shatner is NOT amused. #

20:17 Oh excuse me, he's not Ensign Bailey, he's Lt. Bailey. How'd he get to be a Lieutenant by standing up, giving speeches on the bridge? #

22:03 Time for some instruction: Yes, "Release, Release" ♫ #

22:06 Reading Ultramarathon Man while blipping music my tweeps owe it to themselves to listen to. #

22:11 Meat Loaf, "I'd Do Anything For Love" (full version, hopefully) ♫ #

22:26 Dogs of Peace, "In the Event" ♫ #

22:34 The Monkees, "Gonna Buy Me A Dog" ♫ #

22:37 Dire Straits, "Where Do You Think You're Going" ♫ #

22:41 Dire Straits, "Twistin' By the Pool (Live)" ♫ #

22:45 Since we're onto Dire Straits, here's a Dire Straits cover: The Killers, "Romeo and Juliet" ♫ #

22:53 Blue October, "Into the Ocean" ♫ #

22:56 Putting myself out there... Me, singing to a Karaoke track, "Into the Ocean". For @quotidianlight, I suppose. :) ♫ #

23:11 Daughtry, "What About Now" ♫ #

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