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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Circuit Training

Today I got to educate one of the owners of my gym as to why people seem to like the treadmill on the end. He had no idea it would go to incline 15 (the others only go to 12), nor did he realize you could go to a speed directly without pushing an arrow key.

Anyway, another day of circuit training in the can.

Circuit 1
Wide-Grip Lat Pull-downs 1-3 reps max; drop 1/3; 6-8 more
Medium Underhand-Grip Pull-downs To failure, hold midpoint 30 secs
Dead Lifts 10 reps
Hamstring Curls To failure

Circuit 2
Seated Cable Rows 1-3 reps max; drop 1/3; 6-8 more
Lateral Shoulder Raises 10 reps
Lunges (Basic) 10 reps alternating legs (5 ea)
One-Leg Pelvic Thrust 20 reps ea leg
Rock Star Jumps 20 reps

Circuit 3
Military Shoulder Press Prone on Body Ball 10 reps
Frog Kicks 20 reps
Butt Kicks 1 min

Circuit 4
Crossover Lunges w/Hammer Curls 20 reps
Bicep Curls Reps, alternating arms, to failure
Bicycle Crunches 25 reps
Hill Run Incline 15, speed 7mph

Circuit 5
Rock Star Jumps 20 reps
Ball Crunches 20 reps
Hanging Abs w/Twist 15 reps ea side
Plank 2 mins

32 minutes, 215 calories burned. No evening run tonight thanks to working on a laptop.

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