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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From Twitter 08-24-2009

  • 03:14:27: New post on my blog: From Twitter 08-23-2009: 03:19:14: New post on my blog: From Twitter 08..
  • 06:02:21: Wt: 179.8, RHR: 50, BF: 18.1%
  • 07:44:11: Good morning, how's Twitterville this morning?
  • 08:06:07: Me: "Do you get this error on any spreadsheet?" User: "No, just in Excel."
  • 08:27:08: SAME USER called me back again, he couldn't use his arrows to go cell to cell. That's because his SCROLL LOCK was turned on.
  • 08:27:17: This sure smells like Monday!
  • 08:28:13: I asked him, why not just highlight with the mouse, to which I showed him. "How did you do that?"
  • 08:28:28: I told him I held down the mouse button & dragged... so he did it... but pressed the RIGHT FREAKING BUTTON
  • 08:28:57: Why can't users figure out that the assumed mouse button is the left one, if I mean the right one, I'll say so.
  • 08:29:20: They always assume the right button for some reason.
  • 08:31:27: For @ironbrandon: I just did a YouTube search for "braless running". It came up with "Run Right with Newton Running". @sirisaac
  • 09:17:13: Note to users: displaying a PDF onscreen is not "printing". When you say "I can't print a PDF", that's not the same as "I can't view a PDF"
  • 09:43:38: RT @bapper: Got my Liquid Gold today! It's the sport gel they're using in the Portland Marathon. - this stuff?
  • 09:56:01: Every time I think, "Wow, I'll try Buckeye Outdoors", it's an exercise in extreme frustration.
  • 10:49:46: Garmin Connect shows my last entry was October 31. Shortly thereafter they removed 305 access heh
  • 10:57:40: In true form though, Garmin Connect's just timed out on me twice.
  • 12:01:31: What's your highest score on Speed Brain by Lumosity? I just got 1270 on my @Palm #Pre ;-)
  • 14:08:04: Completed Elliptical. 468 (kcal). 00:45:03
  • 15:35:42: Why doesn't the @dailymile accept Garmin input, or at very least, let me load a .gpx?
  • 16:36:43: heading home
  • 21:23:14: New post on my blog: CIM Training Week 4, Day 1: Cross Training: Overall, today was a great ..

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