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Thursday, October 29, 2009

CIM Training Week 3, Day 4: 3 miles

Today I made one of the classic mistakes people can make while running. In fact, historically, this has been a recurring theme for me: I went out too fast.

I did it on purpose, because I wanted to run as fast as I could for as long as I could, and while I managed to run under a 9-minute mile for the first mile, I slowed in the 2nd mile, and by the 3rd, I was exhausted. Actually I was exhausted in the middle of mile 2.

Once again, I walked the last .26 miles back to work.

Mile 1: 8:45
Mile 2: 9:25
Mile 3: 10:11

3 miles, 28:22, 9:28/mi average, 340 calories burned

So then tonight, we had finished up our Walmart shopping trip. I was driving through the parking lot, trying to get out, when the truck in front of me started backing up. It was obvious he was going for a parking spot, so I backed up a bit to give him space.

He then pulled forward, and as he did, totally clipped the back corner of the bumper of the truck in the spot next to the one he was going for! He damaged the other truck, but managed to just totally rip the metal off the side of his own. Lots and lots of damage.

I parked and talked to the kid, he looked to be 18 or 19 years old, scared out of his mind. I asked him why he stopped, and he said, "I tried!" I don't remember seeing brake lights.

So anyway, I'm just glad it wasn't me being hit by the kid.

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