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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From Twitter 10-05-2009

  • 10:20:51: RT @DarkUFO: Damon and Carlton join Twitter #lost - will they have 5 million followers, yet only follow themselves?
  • 10:22:35: OK Losties (this means you), #fm for ya (that's follow monday)... @therealdamon @carltoncuse #lost
  • 11:45:55: RT @MyTrainerBob: Here I am doing press for Biggest Loser season 9....can u tell I'm ready to GO!! - pee wee?
  • 14:37:57: RT @PreThinking: Paid App: "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" in Catalog. - $5 and no demo, nice. #pre
  • 15:26:30: Interesting the $9.95 Golf Pin Finder is 0.9.2, while the Homebrew version is 0.9.3 :-P @Palm #pre
  • 15:33:00: RT @kerrylivgren: On Sept 1st I suffered a stoke. I have partial right side use, partial speech. Thanks to all of you for the prayers.
  • 15:33:15: I was unaware of Kerry Livgren's condition. Keep him in prayer, everyone.
  • 15:47:02: RT @LaKarune: "yummy brownies made with black beans" Turns out you use black beans instead of flour: @livinlowcarbman
  • 16:32:33: RT @PreThinking: Checkers Pro now live on catalog, only 0.99 - as opposed to a Novice checkers
  • 17:28:05: - Gregory's become a judge!
  • 19:01:57: At Messiah rehearsals, with no songbook, I have no idea where it is. Anyone found an orange songbook with bass parts highlighted?

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