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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CIM Training Week 6, Day 2: 5 Miles

Today was decent, nothing too dramatic happened other than being tired during my run. I managed to keep around 9:15/mi consistently throughout. I forgot my Garmin strap, so I reverted to the Reebok HRM.

After telling people in Twitter that eventually I'd get a jaywalking ticket, I almost got myself hit by a Sheriff's car! He just looked at me as he went on by while I waved. Close call. :)

Mile 1: 9:17
Mile 2: 9:29
Mile 3: 9:13
Mile 4: 9:21
Mile 5: 9:25

5 Miles, 46:47, 9:21/mi average, 654 calories burned

The rain arrived just after I got home from work and is supposed to be here for a few days, so it looks like I get to practice what I've been preaching and do some rainy day runs! It's been since last year, so it should be interesting.

Until then...

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