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Thursday, November 26, 2009

CIM Training Week 7, Day 4: 3 taper miles

Happy Thanksgiving! I had thought about running a Turkey Trot a few months ago, but with the Califoria International Marathon looming in a week and a half, I decided not to. I still had a run to do, so I went out with my son this morning, me on foot, he on the bike.

He had a blast, but ended up falling twice. He also had trouble going up & over the raised railroad tracks, and got slowed when we had to stop to wait for traffic crossing the street. Obviously I wasn't going to break any speed records today, but had a nice time with my son for a half hour or so.

Mile 1: 9:28
Mile 2: 9:41
Mile 3: 9:43

3 miles, 28:34, 9:48/mi average, 344 calories burned

The rest of the day was a typical Thanksgiving. We took a nap after my run, then did some baking and went to Grandma's house, where we had dinner. I played Battleship with my son, and when we got home, we put the kids to bed.

The countdown for CIM continues! I'm not entirely sure how I'll deal with next week's reduced mileage for taper week 3. It should be interesting. :)

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