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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get Back On That Horse!

Now that CIM is over, and the Higdon-based marathon training plan complete, it's time to look towards the future and do some preliminary training.

For marathon training, I'm back to the FIRST plan. That gives me a 3-day running week with 3 days of weight training, and had my first weight training day yesterday. I'm glad I haven't started marathon training yet, because MAN, did it do a number on my legs!

Yes, I'm currently suffering from DOMS. You'd think I was completely out of shape, I feel like I haven't done squats in months. Oh wait, I haven't. Nevermind.

Warmup, 3 sets of 5 exercises in a circuit
Overhead Squat
Good Morning
Barbell Lunge
Romanian Deadlift
Bent-over Row

Barbell Bench Press, 1x20x65lbs,1x15x65lbs,1x20x55lbs
Seated Cable Rows, 3x20x70lbs
Squats, 3x20x95lbs
Dumbbell Military Press, 3x20x(2x10lbs)

31 minutes, 218 calories burned

Which brings us to today. DOMS set in and I've been sore all day. I was going to run at lunch, but my boss took our department to lunch, and honestly? I didn't complain. Whoops, I didn't have to run, and now I can blame the boss! Meanwhile, I let the DOMS subside a bit.

Tomorrow's another weight day, hopefully I'll be up to running on Thursday. If not, I'll run Christmas Day.

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