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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Last Run: 2009, First Run: 2010

OK, here we are. I would have gotten wordy about these if I hadn't procrastinated writing the blog entry, but I'm sure you'll appreciate the shortness here. :) New Years Eve was my last run of 2009, and did I make it worthwhile? Heck no, I think I had the worst run of the year. I was simply exhausted, it took way longer than I expected or even wanted it to be.

Then today was the first run of 2010. If it hadn't been for the church's Get Out, I'd be running 8 miles, but today it was 4. I ran with Rob, my son Gregory, and some people from church, who mostly walked. Rob and I ran, but averaged about 11 minutes per mile. I wasn't too worried about pace today.

In many ways this was the better of the runs. The NYE run was supposed to be a tempo run, but turned into anything but. In fact, the 2 miles that were supposed to be tempo were actually slower than the rest! I liked today's run, there was no pressure to do well, it was just a fun run.

Tomorrow I plan on an 8-mile long run to end the first week of training.

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