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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Regular Run - 6 miles

Today was supposed to be a tempo run, 3 tempo miles sandwiched between 2 warmup and 2 cooldown miles. To begin with, I don't have enough time at lunch to run 7 miles, but I also wanted to test out audio recording using the video function. It seems to have worked pretty well, but I also slowed down quite a bit, averaging 10:20/mi. Not the end of the world, and as they say, mileage is mileage. I still should have done some tempo miles today.

The recording went well, but I also found that the microphone in my headset doesn't have a preamp. What this means is that all recordings are EXTREMELY low volume, so I need to pump them up in post.

Another thing about the Palm Pre's recording: after turning off all network & phone services while recording, it sucked 60% of the battery in 40 minutes! Needless to say, it's not an unlimited camcorder.

Anyway, what about the run? It was a run. :)

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Type:Run - General
Distance:6.24 mi

Mile 1: 10:12
Mile 2: 10:00
Mile 3: 10:39
Mile 4: 10:35
Mile 5: 10:38
Mile 6: 9:55

6 miles, 1:02, 10:21/mi, 717 calories burned

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