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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday's 16-Mile Long Run

I just realized I didn't blog Sunday's run!

Since it's been a few days and the mind is getting hazy, I'll be brief. The time changed Sunday morning (spring forward and all), which meant there was extra time in the evening. I took advantage of the situation and started running at 4.

Due to some phone technical difficulties and waiting for not one, but two trains, I was gone a bit longer than I'd hoped.

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Type:Run - Long Run
Distance:16.02 mi

Overall it was a great run. I didn't took it easy and didn't push it, although I was more than a little bit annoyed at the fact that I forgot my gels. I tried out my CamelBak for the first time, and also carried the water bottle I normally do. I've said it many times, if I have it, I'll drink it, and that's what happened: I drank all 70 ounces in the CamelBak as well as half the water bottle.

Next week's run is a step-back at 13 miles, but after that we're onto bigger and better things. We're getting close!

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