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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 10-Mile Long Run

Happy Easter! One of my favorite holidays, primarily because it commemorates the rising of our savior, Jesus Christ, who conquered death itself! Praise the Lord.

And what better way to celebrate Easter than with a long run? 10 miles, and while it was windy, I felt great. My ankle gave a little bit of trouble, but not so bad that I couldn't finish the run.

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Type:Run - General
Distance:9.99 mi

Mile 1: 9:58
Mile 2: 9:59
Mile 3: 10:58
Mile 4: 10:00
Mile 5: 10:01
Mile 6: 13:21
Mile 7: 9:46
Mile 8: 11:15
Mile 9: 11:17
Mile 10: 9:45

10 miles, 1:46:25, 10:39/mi average, 1076 calories burned

Unfortunately, with this being Easter weekend, there was all sorts of crap to eat, and sure enough, I blew it the whole time. I'm back up to 175, so now I get to crack down and eat properly.

There's only 4 weeks left until the Avenue of the Giants Marathon, and one week until the taper. Next weekend is my 20-mile long run.

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