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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From Twitter 04-19-2010

  • 03:04:27: New post on my blog: From Twitter 04-18-2010: 03:02:30: New post on my blog: From Twitter 04-17-2010: 03:02:24: Ne...
  • 05:46:31: Wt: 175.6 (-1), RHR: 47, BF: 17% #myhealthstats #WLMon #fb
  • 06:29:34: Listening to the #bostonmarathon updates on @WBZ with #radiotime on my @palm #pre. I live in CA. I love technology. #fb
  • 07:08:31: Announcer just said, "Sunny degrees in Boston." Wha? @misterfonzie
  • 07:09:42: Hilarious, last year's txt updates are active for THIS year's bibs
  • 07:11:02: Got an update for some random elite female runner.
  • 07:52:14: "Ryan Hall has dropped?" What does that mean? Is he out?
  • 07:56:21: excuse me, I was wrong about Meb. Not sure now.
  • 08:07:40: Just lost the stream completely on, it now says it's moved.
  • 08:09:27: Interesting, the stream on says visit, anyone else having this problem?
  • 08:09:43: Nevermind it just came back. :)
  • 08:11:35: Oh man, Meb just stopped to go potty.
  • 08:12:44: Oh excuse me I was wrong, Meb just stopped to hug a spectator. Heh.
  • 08:13:10: No wait, now Meb ripped off his shirt to reveal a large G tattooed to his chest!
  • 08:25:38: Valerie Bertinelli is in the lead pack?
  • 08:28:39: I walk away & both Meb & Ryan fall back? ack
  • 08:30:06: I just heard someone say, "It's very, very bad". Not sure who said that or why, hehe
  • 08:59:13: WOO!
  • 09:07:11: RT @thinkgeek: That cloud of volcanic ash halting air travel? It is sentient, evil, & wants to escape the island:
  • 09:08:47: What was @ryanhall3's time last year?
  • 09:09:21: Yeah, let's hassle @ryanhall3 about getting over. Meh.
  • 09:29:16: Yet he finds time to tweet. :P RT @steverunner: Pain
  • 10:03:06: 10 years worth of infestation & 200 lbs of honey found in walls... gaaaaaaaaaah! I hate bees!!!
  • 10:08:41: How the hell is @steverunner's battery lasting this long?
  • 12:05:34: I meant to send this earlier, @steverunner could use it now... ♫
  • 12:28:07: OK, this sucks. After watching the Boston Marathon this morning I haven't been able to work, too busy thinking about Humboldt!
  • 13:06:55: Also, find another freakin' container to drink out of, the current one goes "blub blub blub blub"
  • 13:58:22: Haven't seen an update in a while, how is @steverunner doing?
  • 14:01:16: Huh. So apparently when I send an email to someone and cc: another person, the other person ignores it, because it wasn't sent "to them"
  • 14:01:28: Is there some CC: round file I'm unaware of?
  • 17:17:38: I'm at Bradshaw Shell (3591 Bradshaw Rd., Sacramento).
  • 19:02:22: I'm at Walmart (1131 North Beale Rd., Marysville).
  • 21:04:10: Christina Hendricks has replaced Megan Fox as Esquire's Best Looking Woman. Justice has been served.
  • 21:48:42: RICE, RICE, baby.
  • 21:56:04: Hah everybody tweeted so much during the #bostonmarathon, they wore themselves out. It's quiet tonight.

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