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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two Weeks

I had one heck of a week, running wise. It actually started last weekend, if you recall just prior to my 20-miler, my allergies flared and I actually deferred it for a day. I was able to run on Sunday instead, but boy, did I pay.

On Monday, once again I was miserable. At least I didn't have to run, but on Tuesday I was still suffering.

Monday's run was intervals, which I did, but of course my heart rate was elevated and my breathing was just terrible.

I had decided to avoid the gym all week to allow for more healing in my legs, where the calf pain was. Thursday was a 6-mile run, but rather quickly, I realized my calves were in tremendous pain. I ended up walking quite a bit just because they hurt so bad.

I made sure to ice my calves when I got back to my office. I also iced that night and used the stick to massage them. On Friday I did more of the same, along with some evening foam rolling.

Saturday I spent the day with my family, so I got a full two days of rest on my legs. That made a big difference today, when I ran 13 miles.

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Run - General
Distance:12.99 mi

Mile 1: 9:56
Mile 2: 9:52
Mile 3: 10:24
Mile 4: 10:41
Mile 5: 10:29
Mile 6: 10:21
Mile 7: 11:19
Mile 8: 10:41
Mile 9: 11:02
Mile 10: 11:31
Mile 11: 12:01
Mile 12: 12:18
Mile 13: 10:43

13 miles, 2:21:24, 10:52/mi average, 1408 calories burned

Of course, tonight I'm paying the price for the run. My calves are having as much problems as I had last week, so I've been icing off and on this evening. More foam roller use.

The happy news is that Week 1 of the taper is completed. Two weeks until the Avenue of the Giants Marathon. TWO WEEKS!

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