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Monday, August 09, 2010

CIM Long Run #1: 8 Miles

WHEW! That was fun, the first long run of this training cycle, and with it, the end of the first week.

It was tough getting out to run today, I had planned to run early this morning but I was just wiped, so I slept in. Planned to run at 7pm, but as things tend to work out, we didn't even get home until 8. After yesterday morning's run, I left my reflective vest on the table, which got moved sometime later unbeknownst to me. Guess what I couldn't find tonight? So I ran with my headlamp and rear red light, but no vest. At least I was flashing, right?

Ran a different route than I'd run before, out by Edgewater in an area I knew had a long, nicely lit, 1.5-mile stretch of road. It's one of those unfinished housing communities that still has the unfinished areas lit as if they were lived in.

Listened to The Mike O'Meara Show until it ended, then switched to Rush (the band, not Limbaugh). Can you tell by the splits when Rush started?

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Run - General
Distance:8.00 mi

Mile 1: 9:22
Mile 2: 9:14
Mile 3: 9:23
Mile 4: 9:24
Mile 5: 9:35
Mile 6: 9:21
Mile 7: 9:20
Mile 8: 8:25

8 miles, 1:14:08, 9:16/mi average, 872 calories burned

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