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Saturday, August 07, 2010

From Twitter 08-06-2010

  • 03:13:58: New post on my blog: From Twitter 08-05-2010: 03:15:04: New post on my blog: From Twitter 08-04-2010: 03:15:49: Ne...
  • 05:38:10: Wt: 175, RHR: 47, BF 16.8% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 06:15:16: No Diet Dew! (@ 7 Eleven)
  • 06:24:29: Yes! I'll survive now. Diet Dewwwwww (@ Arco AM/PM)
  • 07:45:46: Thank you, user, for giving me your iPhone to configure. Do you think you could possibly give me the cable that came with it?
  • 09:31:22: Nice shootin', son. What's your name? #fb
  • 09:34:20: Awesome, now we have your mom's & brother's phone #'s! RT @jenn_if_er: Yeah! Just got my @RoadID!
  • 11:42:57: No, user, I haven't set up your iPhone. In fact, I was on the phone with AT&T when you called me to ask for an update.
  • 15:24:07: I just tried to send an email on an iPhone with the subject "test" but accidentally typed "teat". Whoops.
  • 15:24:35: RT @News10_CA: Highway 20 closed in both directions for possible fatal accident outside of Marysville. Big rig on fire.
  • 17:12:30: Next year I plan to run NotSoBadWater. It's 75 degrees and 5k distance.
  • 17:30:49: My abs hurt. Perhaps that's why they call today a "day off". #fb
  • 18:36:29: Real Prius license plate: "CO2 LOWR" *rolls eyes* #fb
  • 18:37:28: I'm at Chevron ExtraMile (2700 Del Paso Rd., Sacramento).
  • 19:39:12: I'm at Rite Aid (5075 Olivehurst Ave, at 10th Ave, Olivehurst).
  • 20:54:18: Watching "Rush in Rio"... my wife says that since I'm watching "my video" she's going to take a bath. We're seeing Rush live on Monday night
  • 20:54:28: I try. Really, I do.
  • 20:57:10: Gah! Lorene Yarnell died. :(
  • 20:58:23: Yes, that Yarnell:

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