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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weight Workout & 3.2 Miles

Typical workout in the weight room today.

Warmup, 3 circuits, 30 secs each exercise
Jumping Jacks
Split Jacks
Alternating Lunges
Mountain Climbers

Elevated-Heels High-Bar Squat, 12x115lbs,10x135lbs,8x145lbs
Situps, 12x3
Wide-Grip Barbell Curl, 12x80lbs,10x90lbs,8x100lbs
Incline Dumbbell Triceps Extension, 12x10lbs,10x17lbs,8x30lbs

30:01, 174 calories burned

1 cup Geddy Lee
1 cup Alex Lifeson
1 cup Neil Peart
Blend well for 3+ hours, simmer on the road for another 3. Refrigerate while you sleep for just three hours, breaking up your sleep periodically by leg cramps. Serves 1.. fantastic run.

It also happened to be another great run today.

Last night I went and saw Rush in concert. Now you have to realize, after training for the last marathon primarily with Rush in my ear, it was a no brainer to see them. They even played Marathon, so I was pretty happy.

However... we live far north of Mt. View, so we didn't get home until 3am. I left for work at 6:30.

Yet at lunch, I felt great! My run reflected that.

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