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Thursday, October 21, 2010

From Twitter 10-20-2010

  • 03:04:11: New post on my blog: From Twitter 10-19-2010: 03:06:47: New post on my blog: From Twitter 10-18-2010: 03:05:02: Ne...
  • 06:10:38: Wt: 171.8, RHR: 50, BF: 16.9% #myhealthstats }fb
  • 07:43:45: I just ousted @shaylay21 as the mayor of I-80 & I-5 Interchange on @foursquare!
  • 08:43:54: Automated system: "Thank you for calling. Please..." Me: "No." System: "Thanks. I'll just look that up." #fb
  • 09:25:47: "If you can, put the battery back in the blackberry and power cycle it back on." What?
  • 09:26:04: Does she really want me to insert the battery, turn it off, THEN turn it back on? I'm confused.
  • 09:26:32: RT @jpickett1968: This is how pumpkin pies are made (warning: don't eat when you view this):
  • 12:29:08: I see a little sillouetto of a man... (@ American River Bike Trail (Sunrise Blvd. Trailhead))
  • 14:53:57: Ran 7mi in 1:02:38, 8:57/mi ave (8:41,8:30,9:08,9:21,9:36,8:55,8:26,8:27), 790 calories burned -
  • 15:12:45: Ran 7.04 miles in 1 hour and 2 mins and 35 secs and felt good. Overall it was a nice day, and a busy one on the trai...
  • 15:13:31: Did a cross training workout for 48 mins and felt good.
  • 20:33:37: Wow. I just did a search for "Run Drugs Out of Town" on Google Images and found this: @rodmur

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