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Saturday, January 22, 2011

From Twitter 01-21-2011

  • 03:01:46: New post on my blog: From Twitter 01-20-2011: 00:15:11: Did a fitness workout for 39 mins and felt good. Was abl...
  • 11:47:42: RT @clbshrp: @nasa A neutron walks into a bar and asks for a drink, when the drink is finished he asks for the price "for you no charge"
  • 12:30:38: NAILED. I just called Justin out for calling the Keanu Reeves movie "Johnny Mamonic". THAT film would star Jason Mamoa.
  • 13:13:19: Bloody peasants! #fb
  • 13:14:57: "Dennis, there's some lovely filth down here! OOh... how do you do?"
  • 13:54:58: Someone just asked how far back their security DVR goes, I thought it was 2 weeks... no, it's closer to a month. They have 9 cameras.
  • 13:55:31: When I told them this, they were totally disappointed by it... wha? 9 cameras, 24/7 recording at almost HD quality? That's frickin' awesome.
  • 14:04:59: Great, thanks to my wife, Netflix now has a category referred to me called "Mindbending Romantic Comedies"
  • 14:18:37: We built this city on laaaaaaack of substance, build this city
  • 14:20:15: As a rock!
  • 14:25:57: The iPhone just autocorrected "frak" to be "deal"'
  • 14:26:52: OK kids for the next 50 minutes I'm heavy into twitter on the recumbent. Do your worst.
  • 14:29:24: RT @MandyPandy32: My 7 yr old nailed her 'They're, Their, There' homework tonight. I intend to now let her give tutorials over on Facebook.
  • 14:40:56: I need to upgrade my Netflix sub so we can have two accounts. My wife just streamed Pay It Forward, THAT'S not mindbending OR romance!
  • 16:53:30: RT @phampants: Just witness an amazing act of kindness. A woman w/ daughter just bought a $20 gift card at Target & gave it to a little ...
  • 17:07:59: I WAS looking forward to going home. Now I'm not sure sure, when I get home I have the pleasure of lecturing my son.
  • 17:08:10: 8 years old, he brought a cigarette lighter to school to show off.
  • 17:08:54: AND we suspect he's been playing with fire at home.
  • 18:06:49: My wife, Netflix, & PayItForward. She says: "wow, finally found a movie that could make me cry, Pay It Forward. It was so good, but so sad"
  • 18:07:12: Meaning: "Guess what honey, Netflix is going to recommend every good, but so sad movie they have!"
  • 18:33:47: SPOOOOOOOOOON!
  • 19:14:37: I'm at Chevron ExtraMile (2700 Del Paso Rd., Sacramento)
  • 21:55:29: RT @johnmoe: Thirty Helens agree.
  • 23:45:18: Did a fitness workout for 55 mins and felt good.

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