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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Twitter 02-15-2011

  • 03:01:25: New post on my blog: From Twitter 02-14-2011: 03:02:13: New post on my blog: From Twitter 02-13-2011: 03:01:51: ...
  • 16:12:56: I'm at American River Bike Trail (Sunrise Blvd. Trailhead) (Sunrise Blvd., Rancho Cordova)
  • 16:28:04: Ran 5 mi in 50:03, 10:01/mi ave (9:13,9:29,10:12,11:15,9:52), 558 calories burned -
  • 17:16:02: Ran 5 miles in 50 mins and felt good. Windy day, I didn't realize how windy it was while I had a tailwind. Once I t...
  • 19:02:13: I just unlocked the "Century Club" badge on @foursquare!
  • 19:54:27: Time to return the cheapie bridge. That's what I get for trying to save 12 bucks.
  • 21:20:39: OK, so the WRT54GL is in bridge mode and working, and I set up a virtual AP so it's a repeater bridge
  • 21:20:55: But it appears I'm still not connecting to the bridge, it looks like I'm connected to the AP across the house
  • 21:21:02: Ideas
  • 21:21:04: ?
  • 21:30:16: AHA! I forgot to enable WPA2 on the virtual AP. :-D
  • 21:35:47: There's just something cool about having multiple routers at home running open source firmware.
  • 22:06:29: 11 seasons on, they still can't give Biggest Loser contestants proper synthetic workout gear.

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